Centuries old lost holy water source discovered in Tawang

Centuries old lost holy water source discovered in Tawang

Post By Prem Chetry

The spring that had served the Asia's second largest monastery for centuries, which had been only in source of water was discovered Monks Volunteer Tawang Monastery (MVTM) on Friday is a holy spring said the monks of Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh

MVTM, a group of monks of the famous Tawang monastery in its expedition has evidently discovered the centuries old lost water source of Tawang Monastery after two years of search expedition.

Popular known as Tawang Monastery, officially known as Ganden Namgyal Lhatse, which means the celestial paradise in a clear sky. Tawang Monastery, being one of the oldest and second largest monasteries in Asia was built on a hill some 10,000 feet above mean sea level in 1680-81 by by Merek Lama Lodre Gyatso, on the commands of the 5th Dalai Lama.

As per MVTM that it was only water source which is more 1 km below this largest monastery. According to a story, a man with his cow used to fetch water from that only source for the need of monatery and claimbing such a steep hill back with water. And, by serving the monks for the need of water for several years, the man eventually was blessed to attain nirvana.

Lobsang Tengyal, Secretary of the Society MVTM said, "We had been accustomed to story of the only water source which lies somewhere back of monastery. We attempted earlier, though could succeed, however this morning our expedition proved fruitful, and we have discovered that lone water source."

"We have found, with the remnants of the old wall which was built around the water source. It is now, they are planning to construct pavements for visitors and tourists so that everyone could visit the holy water source which had been lost for centuries," added Tengyal.


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