Website With Worldsearch

Profit of Website With Worldsearch

  1. No Need To Purchase Domain
  2. No Need To Purchase Hosting
  3. Get Trafic With Worldsearch In Your Business
  4. Get 5 Pages In A Website
  5. Fixed Template

How To Find Your Website URL In Worldsearch

Like you have your category of business is Beauty Parlour and your business name is Khushi Beauty Parlour than your home page URL will be

How To Decide Name Of Pages For Menu

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us
  3. Our Projects
  4. Our Services
  5. Our Plans
  6. Our Gallery
  7. Today Offer
  8. Contact Us

you can select any 5 menu pages from these 8 listed pages

Pricing Of Website

Yearly 3000 Rs/Year

How To Register And Get Online Website

  1. Collect follow details of business according to your selected menu :
    • About Us : One squere/rectagular image and 2-3 paragraph description about your business
    • Our Projects : Title of projects, One Image for per projects and description of this projects you can feed maximum 12 projects in this menu.
    • Our Services : Title of services,One Image for per services and description of this services you can feed maximum 12 services in this menu.
    • Our Plans : Title of plans and description of this plans you can feed maximum 12 plans in this menu.
    • Our Gallery : Title of gallery and image. you can feed maximum 12 images in this menu.
    • Today Offer : Title of offer and image. you can feed maximum 12 images in this menu. after that we will charge you 10 INR Per Offer.
    • Contact Us : Name of business, Category of business, Address of business, Contact no, Google location of business (to map on google map)
  2. Mail Us if any Query or send us these data in [email protected]
  3. Than pay pricing of website which is 3000 INR in UPI ID (khumesh.bramhe@ybl)
  4. Take screen shot of payment

Duration :

It will take 2 weeks to go live.

Refund Policy :

you can cancle the deal before go live the website after go live payment is not refundable.