Orkos Appointment

Orkos Appointment

About Organization : Orkosappointment.com is a premium consulting platform on the web, offering priceless, intellectual consulting services on various verticals across the board from top notch professionals in their respective domain. An enterprise of Orkostechnology owned by Sens Group of Companies who have diversified interests in areas of Financial Management, Foreign Exchange and Hospitality to name a few.
Orkosappointment.com is a venture which would bring and collate all professionals of the highest intellectual acumen to bring forth their consulting services both on an also on offline in person on an one to one basis. It strives for a digitized seamless link, between the service seekers and the consultants of the highest caliber who offer their intellectual insights, suggestions, services in areas of Medical and Healthcare services, Legal help, astrological predictions, architectural concepts to name a few. Most importantly the cumbersome method of getting into paper work is just not there as the platform is online and effective digitally.
It is a one stop shop for all who seek help and advice across a digital platform at the click of a mouse from one's own space of comfort or an in person, one on one meeting and consultations.
Priceless consultations across all domains and Happy customers meeting the best of minds is what it all endeavor's for.
With an increasing shift of space from the real to the virtual space in the web. Orkosappointment.com would bring forth an era of trust and faith in online consulting for the various needs of the larger section of the population, who would want a quick fix for their problems, just on the web platform.
The enterprise brings an end to end solution between the consulting partners and professionals and the service seekers.

Category : Business Services

Address : 621, Prantik Pally Rd, Kasba, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107 Kolkata Kolkata ( West Bengal ) 700107

Mobile Number : 8420199610

Other Number :

Email ID : [email protected]

Web-site : https://www.orkosappointment.com/

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